Montague Award Application

Dr. Leon Montague Award Additional

Application Information


Complete requirements listed below and attach to the general application form included with this packet. Return, completed in full, with entry fee of $20 by Postmark date-February 8th.

Questions and/or submissions may also be made to: Carol Janetzski (989) 634-9176

Leave a message by phone for confirmation if submitting by email.

If awarded - You will be requested to present or perform at the Owosso Musicale meeting in March. Please see accompanying rules sheet.

___Personal Essay:

½ page (minimum) personal essay typed (font size – 12) and double spaced. Your essay may be the hardest part of your application to complete. But, it is also where you can stand out from the crowd. The key to writing a strong personal essay is to be personal and specific. Include details about yourself so the reader can get to know who “you” are and what you stand for. Be truthful and honest. Award selection committees may have many essays to review. Your job is to get their attention. Tips that may help:

1. Think before you write

2. Brainstorm to generate some excellent ideas

3. Create an outline to help get you going

4. Mention your community service, club memberships, and experience in your chosen field.

5. Interests, hobbies, school endeavors, recognitions/awards.

6. Community, church, school involvement.

___Two letters of Recommendation

Ask two adults to each write a letter in support or your application for the scholarship. 1: a campus sponsor or professor and 2. Another teacher, minister or employer are good choices as they can usually comment on overall character, achievement and promise. Please do not submit letters written by relatives. Letters must have been written within the last year, must contain your full name and must be signed. (If you have applied for an award in the past, you cannot send the same letters of recommendation you previously submitted) Some awards require letters of recommendation from specific sources. Please read the criteria for each award carefully.

­­___Most Recent Transcript of Grades

Send a copy of your most recent transcript, high school or college, whichever applies to you. Please give the school at least three (3) weeks to process your transcript request. Your application will not be considered without your transcript.

___Project recording, DVD or other format needs to be presented with application if applying ONLY for the scholarship in Music Technology. You may submit on-line in Word format only to:

Owosso Musicale College Application